About Us

We help Real Estate Agents, Builders, and their clients Win.

We created Construction Realtors as a solution for a great local builder with a National home builder problem. How do you find, hire, and train great sales people?

The solution is to empower a team of people who are already great in real estate sales and service with your own great real estate renovation and construction knowledge and skills.

The answer, create your own “Construction Realtor” team.

The best leads for home renovation, construction, and development of real estate come from real estate agents. The best equity creators in real estate are architects, contractors and builders.

Construction Realtors bring great value to home buys and sellers. They help create equity. United they’re a special kind of Real Estate Agent that investors want to invest work with, buyers want to buy from, and sellers know to list with.

“Construction Realtors and Builders are equity creating Artists.”  Luis Moro

Join our Construction Real Estate Agent learning groups and become the leading Construction Real Estate agent in your community.

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Luis Moro

Founder, Construction Realtors

*See the lecture series:  Home Construction Advantage: Learn how to create equity building